Thursday, September 22, 2011

Your business plan is key to your success!

An average business plan created from a template or off the shelf software will get you nowhere fast! It lacks the intimate detail sharing capability and will make you look like you have far less acumen than you most likely do!

My name is Johnny Giles and I am an expert business plan and presentations writer with a vast amount of experience in custom designing business tools that "sell themselves" and that have the necessary flexibility for longer shelf life! Contact me to discuss your needs and I am confident you will be impressed with my work!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Business Plans & Key Factors

If you own or plan on starting a business a key initial step is in the development of a solid business plan. A business plan or presentation (i.e. summary or synopsis) is a tool that has far more uses than just seeking capital. When you go to rent retail space, set-up vendor and merchant accounts, hire employee’s and introduce your business to city, county or state officials or agencies your business presentation can have a positive impact on the reader and this will benefit you long term.

There are templates and software programs to help “do-it-yourself” minded people write their own business plan however they fall short in many ways. The first failure is in a template or software having the ability to encompass the uniqueness of your business, project or venture and from there the failures just increase. Secondly anyone who has read enough business plans (i.e. bankers, creditors, etc…) will know immediately if you have used a business plan creation tool or if you have custom written and designed your presentation.

If you can afford to do so you should complement your business presentation with a power-point or a video that works as a teaser to get people interested in seeing more. When you add visual stimulation with easy to understand text the reader is able to retain more of the information and the results are better for you, the business owner! Here are some areas my business specialize in to help individuals, entrepreneurs, groups and others build a solid foundation for their business:


The key to your success is in having a realistic plan that others find easy to understand and comprehend. If you are a new business then your financial projections are very important. How you project income will let the reader know if you have average, below or above average acumen in this area. When I write a business plan or presentation that has financial projections I use a three tier system to show a range of possibilities because it is impossible to substantiate a finite set of numbers.

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