Monday, June 24, 2013

Business Plans, Capitalization Strategies, We can help!

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CLICK the flyer above to visit my site, see samples and pricing or the video below to see some of what we offer! P: 704-315-5149

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If you need a custom business plan or presentation that will "sell itself" to others we are your best resource you will find!

I write business plans... I custom design business marketing and promotional tools... I am a published author on using social media for business... I have a passion for my clients success... I can help you take your business to the next level... I custom design power-points and videos... I custom design WordPress Blogs...

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Monday, April 29, 2013

I am using Indiegogo to fund my 2nd book!

I used Indiegogo to fund my 1st book and I am very excited to share my new Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds to publish my 2nd book titled - Creative Business Plan Writing & Design - and you can visit my campaign page by clicking the book cover image below!

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I created this video to promote my new Indiegogo Campaign and I am hopeful that my readers will participate for the "PERKS" that I am offering at each contribution amount! Your help in this campaign is very much appreciated!

You can also visit my Indiegogo Campaign by clicking the link below!

I used Indiegogo to fund the self-publishing of my first book titled - Social Media "How To's" that work! - and you can buy this book online through CreateSpace by clicking the image of the book cover below!


I have given away many copies of my first book for free to help people in their businesses and I plan to do the same with my 2nd book!

As a business consultant, business plan writer, social media strategist and published author I have a passion for sharing my knowledge and for seeing my clients and associates succeed! I have written hundreds of business plans and presentations in my career and you can see some samples on my other site;

I also have an excellent list of recommendations from many of my clients that can be seen on my LinkedIn profile;

If you have questions about my services, my books or simply want to dialog please contact me any time! I would also appreciate you taking the time to share this blog post and I thank you in advance for making a contribution towards my 2nd book!