Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free Business Plan Evaluation & Advice!

My name is Johnny Giles and I am the owner of and I work from my home in Charlotte, NC as a business consultant and professional business plan writer. I offer a wide range of custom business planning and presentation products and services that are quite amazing! Some people cannot afford me so I wanted to offer a FREE BUSINESS PLAN EVALUATION with free advice to anyone seeking to "do it yourself" and here is why... Even if we do not do business now I am confident my advice will benefit you and help you create a presentation that will "sell itself" to your targeted audience! Once you see this for yourself you will be more than happy to do business with me in the future and/or refer me and this is what I offer...

Take a look at this video to learn more!

I am seasoned in what to include and what to leave out of any business plan or presentation and I never use templates or software programs in my work or advice! I also offer...

Learn more about me at these links and see the many recommendations I have received on my LinkedIn profile...
Blog; LinkedIn Profile; Facebook; Google+; Twitter; My website also provides more information... Contact me anytime to learn more about what I can offer you and I will gladly e-mail you my price list with samples of my work if you have a desire to use me!

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